About us


With over a decade of building experience Guy Lopes has been building not only wonderful spaces for clients but has been building trusting professional relationships with clients and colleagues alike. We Understand the importance and the integrity behind upholding his values and delivering in all aspect of provided services from construction to customer care and customer service we remain passionate and driven in what he does.

Over the years his intelligence in construction, dedication and handwork have allowed him to build homes and his reputation.


When Guy stepped onto his first job site as an 8 year old boy he didn’t know that “going to work with dad” would turn in to a career.  After many summers and weekends working with his family’s business, at 17 years old Guy decided to make building his profession. All these many years later, that decision has not only provided a career but bloomed into a lifelong passion.   

Over the years having worked in many areas of the construction field including roofing, concrete forman and laborer has provided Guy the skills necessary to understand all of the facets of leading a construction project and more importantly his own company.  Lopes Carpentry and Associates was founded in 2006 and has been a growing North Shore company since. Collaborating with area architects, other tradesmen and through word of mouth, Guy has had the pleasure of working with many familes, organizations and businesses to achieve their construction goals. 

Guy has a strong commitment to staying ahead of construction trends and keeping current on new building technics and materials, with a heavy focus on green construction.  The company as a whole believes stronly in green building which is an attempt to build responsibly, reduce waste, and help preserve the environment. From being invloved with state and local building groups to continuing education classes, Guy is dedicated to bringing the highest quality and most knowledgeable practices to all projects. 

Most recently, having been recruited as a construction superintendent for a large Boston real estate development and investment management firm, Guy has delved even deeper in to learning new practices and honing his skills.  With an eagle-eyed focus on safety and through strategic planning through-out all phases of construction Guy has been able to come in under budget and on time on all assigned projects, all while maintaining his quality and commitment to his Lopes Carpentry and Associates endeavors. 


Having developed long-standing and solid relationships with the various tradesmen and sub-contractors that work along Lopes Carpentry and Associates, during your project helps ensure your project stays on time and receives the detailed attention your project deserves. Aligning with only the most reliable, time-proven sub-contractors, Lopes Carpentry, and Associates are able to coordinate various aspects of your project with ease.

The construction field is forever changing.  By committing to continuing education and through their affiliation with knowledgeable groups in the field (some examples shown below), they are able to continually bring forth innovative ways to build using the most current construction methods and materials on the market today.